Medium projects

Financijska podrška srednjim projektima u svim prioritetnim programskim područjima (demokracija, ljudska prava, rodnu ravnopravnost, socijalna pravda i klimatske promjene), planirana je kroz dvije grupe Poziva:

Financial support for medium projects in all priority Programme areas is planned through two LOTs:

LOT 1 – for eligible CSOs with less than 50.000 € annual turnover during last three years

LOT 2 – for eligible CSOs with more than 50.000 € annual turnover during last three years

The call is targeting more complex project interventions with social level impact. Also, projects in this grant scheme must include a multiplier effect, i.e. be transferable to other communities. LOT 1 is specifically targeting smaller community-based organisations active in underdeveloped areas while LOT 2 targets medium to large organisations with stronger innovative and result multiplier effect

Two-stage application with mandatory 13% of awarded grant for capacity building.

Min. of 50% of all awarded grants will be directed to underserved areas and/or target groups.

 Opening date:

Last trimester 2021

Requested contribution of ACF funding:

LOT 1: 15.000 – 30.000 €

LOT 2: 30.001 – 90.000 €

Available indicative budget:

LOT 1: 660.000 €

LOT 2: 1.965.000 €

Project maximum funding rate: 100 % of eligible expenditure.

Project duration: 9 – 15 months

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