Public calls for financial support within Active Citizens Fund in Croatia

Seevn public calls for five types of grants will be available through Active Citizens Fund in Croatia in the period 2020 – 2022.

Micro or Ad-hoc Action projects

This on-going call is intended for CSOs in need of »rapid funding« (up to 5.000 €) for advocacy, legal, communication or other actions that have to be implemented immediately.


Large projects

Public call for multi-year project support (from 90.000 to 150.000 €) in all priority Programme areas.


Sectoral innovation projects

Public call for systemic three-year-long support aimed at strengthening of specific sub-sectors of civil society, (up to 200.000 €) in all priority Programme areas.


Medium projects

LOT 1: project proposals of organisations with less than 50.000 € annual turnover

LOT 2: project proposals of organisations with more than 50.000 € annual turnover.

ACF HR mali projekti

Small projects

Two public calls for small grants (from 5.000 to 15.000 €) with special focus on small community-based organisations active in all priority Programme areas


Organizational Grants

The main purpose of the call is to support Croatian CSOs working in selected areas of support and whose core activities are related to contributing to the Active Citizens Fund outcomes in achieving their strategic objectives.


Bilateral Cooperation

Special call is planned for the implementation of additional activities of supported projects that will include bilateral partnership with entities from donor countries (Island, Lichtenstein and Norway). The call will be financed from the bilateral fund. More information on bilateral cooperation is available HERE

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