Fund for bilateral relations

Restricted Ongoing Call for proposals to Call for Bilateral Initiatives

Opening date: February 21, 2023

NEW! Deadline for submission: until December 31, 2023 or until the available funds are exhausted.

Requested contribution of ACF funding: up to 8.000 €

Available indicative budget for this Call: 70.000 € (available on December 6, 2023: 24.274,08€)

Project maximum funding rate: 100 % of eligible expenditure.

Project duration: The final date for the completion of the bilateral initiative is 30. 9. 2024. The final date of the eligibility of cost is 30. 9. 2024.

Eligible applicants: Organizations eligible for funding within the Fund for Bilateral Relations are project promoters from Croatia, who implemented or are still implementing projects under the ACF Programme in partnership with organizations from the donor countries at the moment of submission of the application for funding. Also, organizations from the donor states who are acting as partners in supported projects under the ACF Programme are eligible applicants.

Purpose of the Call: The Fund for Bilateral Relations is established within ACF Programme in Croatia in order to support bilateral initiatives by providing funding for networking, sharing experiences and best practice and knowledge transfer between Croatian CSOs and organizations from the donor states (Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein). The purpose of this Call is to upgrade results in ACF Croatia projects that include (or have included) a bilateral partner.


Call text and Guidelines for applicants:

Application Form

Partnership statement



Bilateral partner: Phronesis SA, Norway

Bilateral initiative: Icelandic Women’s Rights Association (IWRA)

Implementation period: 18.7.-17.12.2023

Grant: 8.000,00 €

2. Association for human rights and civic participation PaRiter

Bilateral partner: KUN Centre for Equality and Diversity

Bilateral initiative: Healthy relationships; Smoqua Qeer Festival

Implementation period: 15.5.-14.11.2023

Grant: 8.000,00 €

3. Croatian Association on Early Childhood Intervention – CAECI

Bilateral partner: The Reykjavik city Department of Education and Youth

Bilateral initiative: Early Childhood Intervention Coalition

Implementation period: 1.12.2023.-30.04.2024

Grant: 7.992,02 €


Bilateral partner: Phronesis SA, Norway

Bilateral initiative: SNEP – Standards for Non-Formal Education Programs

Implementation period: 20.8.-19.12.2023

Grant: 8.000,00 €

5. Lesbian organisation Rijeka „LORI“

Bilateral partner: Norsensus Mediaforum, Norway

Bilateral initiative: Let’s support inclusive education – we are building a secure future

Implementation period: 26.7.-15.10.2023

Grant: 5.733,90 €

6. Rare Diseases Croatia

Bilateral partner: FRAMBU Resource Centre for Rare Disorders, Norway

Bilateral initiative: Comprehensive support for women with rare disease challenges

Implementation period: 1.1.-31.5.2024

Grant: 8.000,00 €

Contracted in total: 45.725,92 €

Available (as of Decembre 6, 2023): 24.274,08 €

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