Complaint mechanism

In accordance with the terms and conditions for the Active Citizens Fund in Croatia, the Fund Operator has established a Complaints Committee. Complaints/alerts may be submitted in case of suspicion of irregularity, bad governance, corruption in implementation of Active Citizens Fund in Croatia programme, including those on possible misuse of funding projects submitted by general public.

Complaints/alerts can also be submitted anonymously. Complaint/report/alert must be justified and consisted of the following information:

  • Description of the irregularity (including whether it is alleged or real and how it occurred);
  • Period the irregularity refers to or the timeline of its occurrence;
  • How did the reporting person become aware of the irregularity;
  • Identification of the individuals or legal entities related to the irregularity, and other information.

The decisions related to the administrative compliance and eligibility verification as part of the selection process are not subject to verification by the Complaints Committee.

The final decision of the Fund Operator whether to approve or reject support to a project as well as the final decision on the shortlisted applications in the selection process is not subject to complaint/appeal.

General complaints/alerts related to the selection process as such can be submitted to the Complaints Committee providing the information as outlined above.

All complaints are first assessed by the Fund Operator. A complainant who is not satisfied with the conclusion made by the Fund Operator has the right to take the case to the Complaints Committee, which includes two members who are external to the Fund Operator and its Board and does not include programme staff responsible for assessing project applications.

The complaints must be submitted electronically to the following email:

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