Large Projects

Outcome 1 – Strengthened civil society watchdog/advocacy role

1. Rehabilitation center for stress and trauma
 COMMUNITIES INCLUDE – an initiative for universally accessible basic social community services
2.CESI – Center for Education, Counseling and Research
 Workingwoman – Gender equality in the Labor Market
3.Women’s Room – Center for sexual rights
 Civil society organizations as key actors in standardizing support systems for victims and witnesses of crime
4.Parents in action
 RADAR – Empowering the civil society organizations advocacy potential for the protection of women’s human rights in health care system
5.Alliance Operation City
 Bottom up cultural policy – From good practices of socio-cultural centers to a sustainable participative governance framework
6.Green Action
 ECHO! – Strengthening eco-activism for emergency climate action
7.Zagreb Pride
 Enough of the brutal reality – let’s protect the rights of LGBTIQ people
8.Psychological Assistance Society
 Development of a network of psychosocial counseling centers for users at risk
9.Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce
 Preserving the Adriatic Sea Ecosystems by Active Participation of Citizens
10.Center for Cultural Activities
 Informed citizens monitor the prevention of future violations of Human Rights and work of the Office of the Croatian Representative before the ECtHR
11.Center for Peace Studies
 RIGHTS IN PRACTICE – Participation and cooperation to quality socio-economic rights protection policy

Outcome 2 Increased support for human rights, rule of law and good governance

1. Earthlings – Are You Syrious
 From the border to integration – support for realizing the guaranteed rights of refugees and migrants in the Republic of Croatia
2. Open media group
 All families are equal
3. Civil Rights Project Sisak
 Center for the integration of foreigners
4. Documenta – Center for dealing with the past
 Public dialogue on the fate the killed and missing: We remember – and you?
5. Youth Initiative for Human Rights
 4O: Discovery, awareness, empowerment and human rights organization
6. Roma Alliance KALI SARA
Educated Roma Women, Empowered Roma Communities!

Outcome 3 Strengthened democratic culture and civic awareness and engagement

1. Center for Culture of Dialogue
 My Place Under the Sun (MPUS)
2. Croatian Debate Society
 Democratic Vaccination – Debate Clubs and Deliberative Democracy as a Model for the Development of Democratic Competences and Participatory Decision Making
3. Institute for the Development of Education
 A-grade Citizens!
4.  Association Delta
 MODUS – civil society and public sector supporting civic education
5. Lesbian organization Rijeka LORI
Let’s support inclusive education – we are building a secure future
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