We have completed the first stage of public Call for large projects!

Out of 166 evaluated project summary applications, 50 applications for large projects were selected for the second stage of the application process. Selected applications fairly cover  Programme area specifics (applications within democracy and human rights projects; youth inclusion);  Country specific areas and concerns (capacity and sustainability of the civil society sector; under-served geographic areas and target groups; empowerment and inclusion of vulnerable groups, including Roma; inter-cultural dialogue with special emphasis on national minorities; intergenerational cooperation), and all outcomes: 19 for Outcome 1. Strengthened advocacy / watchdog role of civil society, 14 for Outcome 2. Increased support for human rights, rule of law and good governance and 17 for Outcome 3. Strengthened democratic culture and civic awareness in a total value more than twice the funds available under this Call. All projects contribute to Outcome 4. Increased capacities and sustainability of civil society (organizations and sectors) as well.

List of applications sent to the second stage.

The deadline for submitting complete project applications is August 21, 2020 at 12 o’clock (noon, Croatian time).

In accordance with the terms of the Call, during the development of full project applications, applicants will have access to additional support from the Fund Operator in the form of workshops and individual consultations.

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